commerce paypal 传递购物车信息和发货地址到paypal 的补丁

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commerce_product_clone, inline_entity_form duplicate uuid problem, whem clone commerce product variant

There are 2 modules allow us to copy commerce product variant.

  1. commerce_product_clone

  2. inline_entity_form

For commerce_product_clone, you can use it in and individual commerce product variant page. But mostly we will prefer to copy with inline form, when we edit commerce product display, clone a variant and attache to current product display.

Unfortunately, both module release versions have not fix uuid duplicate problem.

产品共性部分的内容,通过 taxonomy 添加 vocabulary与描述,减少产品描述


可以通过 taxonomy,添加 vocabulary 描述。

在产品node中 自定义 code 类型字段,并添加 token。

[node:field-field-name:description] 表示与当前产品关联的 field-name taxonomy 描述。

描述可以为 full html,添加图片什么的都没有问题。